5 Myths Unfairly Taught To LGBT+ People

Adrian Adnaan Osmani
3 min readApr 3, 2018

There comes a point where politeness doesn’t cut it anymore. Nowadays, anger and frustration are what makes me write, and today is the kind of day where my patience is especially lacking. Here is a quickfire list of really rich bullshit told to the LGBT+ in order to shame them out of existence.

Myth #1 — Men and women being together is natural.

Dear traditionalists, you do not own the monopoly on nature. While penises and vaginas have existed as long as we have, how people used them and what constitutes “nature” is always constantly being redefined.

If we’re going to be obsessed with the “biological reality” of things, why don’t you just ditch the idea of marriage, and just fuck whoever you want and make loads of kids? The “biological reality” is that it will help the species survive by having more offspring.

But that’s not how it works right? Because to some extent our “biological reality” is also regulated by our “sociological reality.” If you’re not comfortable accepting that, then shut the fuck up.

Myth #2 — LGBT+ people have strayed from God.

Another favourite, because it sounds catchy, but once you do a little of thinking it unravels immediately. It goes something like this…

God created queer people.

Wow, that was easy, wasn’t it?

Myth #3 — LGBT+ are confused and love labels.

This one is right in one sense; yes, it is pretty confusing.

But then again, so are the forces running the device you’re reading this on. We are at a position of modernity at this point in time because a bunch of curious people refused to keep things simple.

As time has gone on, humanity has realised a couple of things that don’t quite make sense.

Maybe we shouldn’t treat women like shit.

Maybe the colour of your skin has nothing to do with your inherent abilities.

And maybe, just maybe, refusing to pursue a society based on rigid rules on gender is the next step of that evolution.

Move on, or die in nostalgia.

Myth #4 — Homosexuality or Gender Dysphoria are mental disorders.

Perhaps one of the most sinister myths, because the next steps of this myth involve treatment, “conversion therapy” and/or medication.

There is a much higher risk to developing mental disorders as an LGBT+ person. That is more to do with how the world treats queer people as opposed to their queerness. The “closet” is created by the world. The queer person chooses to step outside of it.

There is also a patronising tendency to treat homosexuality/gender dysphoria as pathological problems, rooted to childhood, upbringing or environmental factors.

If we’re going to blame everything on bad upbringing, then guess what, there would be a lot more LGBT+ people in this world because shitty upbringings exist everywhere.

A family with poor parenting or swapped gender roles would produce an entire family of LGBT+ orientation at a 100% success rate. But it doesn’t work like that.

Sorry that you can’t just click your fingers and solve the problem; dealing with reality is kind of like that.

Myth #5 — You are a straight person in a unicorn suit.

“Just try it. You’ll love it.”

I love this one because it sounds like friendly advice, but is actually really patronising.

Wait, this whole time I’ve been doing the wrong thing and I’m too stupid to realise the “real” thing?

I’ve always wanted to whip around to this one and say the exact same thing back.

“Let your girl fuck you with a strap on, try it, you’ll love it.”

But it almost never works that way because of double standards.

Don’t pretend to be open minded. Either do it, or shut up.

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